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"And then, I realized what you do with an idea... You change the world."

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Every single individual faces challenges and setbacks that keep them from achieving their full potential. Started in 2018, WheelLifeConnections is a movement to bridge the gap between those in and out of the disability community. Sara Gaver, born with a physical disability called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita and the founder of WheelLifeConnections, is here to help you overcome obstacles, believe in yourself, and boost your self-confidence as you write your own story.  Book your keynote today to unlock your full potential and start living a full life.


WheelLifeConnections in Action

If you’re looking to be empowered, or simply to build self-confidence and shift midsets to believe all things are possible, WheelLifeConnections offers several opportunities to take you and your teams to new heights. Take a look at our offerings right here to learn more.

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Motivational Keynotes

What difference would it make in your life if you had an absolutely unshakable confidence in your ability to achieve anything you really put your mind to? What would you dare to dream if you believed in yourself with such deep conviction that you had no fears of failure whatsoever?
WheelLifeConnections takes you through the successes and struggles of living with a disability. Learn how having the right support system, internal mindset, and personal determination can break down barriers and lead you to your ultimate goals and dreams!


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Sara, I was so inspired by your talk today at the Compass Group Talent Acquisition meeting. You are a true inspiration! I have a nephew with CP and to have the opportunity to attend college like you would be huge! Thank you for all you do! It is truly amazing :)

Annmarie McShea, PRC, CIR

Thank you Sara! Please don’t ever fall short of your worth!!! I’ve failed to read these posts lately and it makes me sad!!! If you think for a second you're not reaching anyone, YOU ARE!! p.s. I screenshot ALOT of your inspiration

Amy Jo Wiskus-Campbell

Sara - Thank you so much for attending the Compass Group conference this week. The team was talking about you for the remainder of the conference. We all were inspired by your strength and positive insights to think outside of our own circle of being. We appreciate your time. Ralena

Ralena Rowe, SPHR